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Stable Barns

Our modular stable barns offer a complete enclosed stable complex for customers starting with just a concrete base. Our modular stable barns are constructed using the same panels as our external range, but with extended overhangs that meet in the middle to form a fully enclosed passageway.

Please look at our various design specifications, boarding options, photo gallery and pricing.

Our external stable barns include:

Standard Range Recycled Plastic 2

Modular Frames

Our modular stable barns are constructed from steel panel sections that bolt down to a new or existing concrete pad.

The frames are constructed using our 40 and 50mm box sections and are made to follow the slope of the floor and to allow for the single pitch roof.

On top of the frames, evenly spaced 100mm x 50mm box steel purlins are attached. A 1200mm to 1800mm overhang is provided which meets in the middle to form a cover passageway between the stables.

Inside the frames we weld channel sections to hold the tongue and groove boarding options. These are made to give a weather proof seal and drainage on the external faces of each stable block.

The end partitions are always boarded fully to the roof line and are overlapped with a barge board as shown.

The internal partitions can either be fully boarded to the roofline, fully boarded to 2285mm to allow air flow between the stables, or grilled on the top half to allow maximum air flow and light between the stables.

The stables are typically 2720mm at the rear of the stables and up to 3500mm at the ridge depending upon the size of the stable, the pitch of the roof and the floor level.

Please see our design options below and click here for pricing. We can also design a specific layout for a custom stable design to suit a customer’s specific requirement.

All our frames are skillfully welded for maximum safety, and supplied galvanized as standard to ISO 1461.

For our external stables, we offer either our top of the range UV protected resin woven bamboo (a better option than hardwood) or recycled plastic boarding.Please click here to browse.


Our modular door frames are 2500mm high and have grilled top vent as shown.

The bottom doors are 1220mm wide and 1305mm high with the top doors available in a choice of anti-weave, anti-weave with removable insert, fully boarded or fully grilled options.

The doors are supplied with welded hinges and are fitted with shoot bolts and galvanized kick over latches as standard.

Sliding internal doors are also available along with a variety of external barn doors and windows.

Roofing and Guttering

Our modular stable barns come with a fibre cement roof as standard. The roofing is available in a variety of colours if required.

The roof sheets are laid on top of 150mm x 75mm tanalised timber purlins as shown.

The roof sheets extend over the passageway and are finished with a steel ridge.

Roof light sheets are available to provide natural light into your stable.

Each end is finished off with a rounded corner barge board.

We use a high quality 6” UPVC guttering system as shown.

The guttering is secured using galvanized fascia brackets and the downpipes are located at regular intervals to ensure efficient rain water discharge.

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