Standard Boarding Options

StablesOnline offers a wide range of boarding options to suit our customer’s desired look, durability and price requirements.

This page lists the available boarding options for the different stable products we offer.

Tongue and Groove Boarding (T&G)

Our T&G boarding all come in a standard 32mm thick profile that fits into our 40mm channel profiles. All these boards will be cut to length for your specific stables, but if you are self-installing, you will have to cut the last board vertically to fit.

Softwood T&G Boarding Option

Our softwood tongue and groove boarding excellent value and a nice look.

The softwood boards are 32mm thick and 135mm wide.

The boards are pressure treated (Tanalised) to provide the longest possible life.

The softwood boards can easily be replaced once they reach the end of their serviceable life.

As with any wood product they will need maintenance and may shrink or crack over time.

Resin Woven Bamboo T&G Boarding Option

Our Resin woven tongue and groove boarding has truly been a revelation in stable boarding

The bamboo boards are 32mm thick and 130mm wide.

The boards are manufactured by stripping the bamboo shoots in to strips and then weaving them horizontally and vertically.

The bamboo is then compacted with a resin to form a board that is twice the density of a traditional hard wood.

Our bamboo boarding is then coated in a lacquer that not only gives UV protection against sun degradation, but also seals the board to stop any water ingress.

The boards are the strongest product available for stabling and look fantastic. The boards also require virtually no ongoing maintenance unlike traditional wooden products.

For more information about the bamboo manufacturing process and specification, please click here.

Recycled Plastic T&G Boarding Option

Our recycled plastic boarding has become increasingly popular with larger professional yards as there is no maintenance and is easy to disinfect and clean.

The boards come in a textured finish that looks like a wood grain.

The boards are 32mm thick and 138mm wide.

The boards come in a black and brown as standard, but other colours are available at a premium.

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