Standard Internal Design


Our standard range of internal steel stables are welded as full frames to ensure a strong and practical solution for installation. We use the best quality steel to manufacture each panel from a choice of 40 and 50mm box sections.

Inside the frames we weld channel sections to hold the tongue and groove boarding options. Unlike many other stable companies, we weld channel sections at the top, bottom and each side to properly frame the boarding and to give maximum strength.

The frames are skillfully welded for maximum safety, and supplied galvanized as standard to ISO 1461.

We offer a variety of standard steel stables designs which are shown below, but if you require something different, we are happy to design something specifically for you.

For those designs with grills, we use a strong 20mm square profile section which are spaced at a standard 100mm gap. 65mm and 85mm spacing is also available for a small premium.

The frames are secured to walls and floors using slotted brackets which are provided to accommodate different wall and floor constructions. We supply thunder bolts for brick or concrete and coach bolts or screws for wood

We offer a wide variety of boarding options. Please click here to browse.



Our standard swinging doors are 4ft wide with a steel top rail to discourage crib biting.

They are extremely robust and are fitted with high quality hardware including sprung loaded shoot bolts and galvanized kick over latches.

Our sliding doors use the best roller system available and offer a premium finish to any stable yard. Our unique latches offer a simple, secure and maintenance free solution. We also offer a spring loaded latch if required.We can also fit anti-weave frames and top half doors as optional extras as shown.

Doors are available separately with alternative fixings for customers needing them to fit existing wooden or block work stables.