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Stable Barn Boarding Options

Resin Woven Bamboo T&G Boarding Option

Our Resin woven tongue and groove boarding has truly been a revelation in stable barn boarding. The bamboo boards are 32mm thick and 130mm wide.

The boards are manufactured by stripping the bamboo shoots in to strips and then weaving them horizontally and vertically. The bamboo is then compacted with a resin to form a board that is twice the density of a traditional hard wood.

The boards are the strongest product available for stabling and look fantastic. The boards also require less ongoing maintenance. For external use, you will need to oil the boards once a year to keep the look and stop any water ingress.

For more information, please ​click here. A sample of this board is available on request.

Recycled Plastic T&G Boarding Option

Our recycled plastic boarding is popular amongst veterinary and other professional yards as it is easy to disinfect and clean.

The boards are also completely maintenance free and look good in a modern stable yard.

The boards are 32mm thick and 140mm wide.

The boards come in a black colour as standard, but are available in brown and green at a premium.

A sample of this board is available on request.