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Life is full of troubles. They exhaust the body and can lead to unwished consequences. The organism becomes weak and needs some rest. This rest people can get at night in their dreams. So when such chance fails, a person can get irritated, indignant or indifferent to everything. The worst thing is that a person can fall ill. That’s why it is very important to renew the vital powers. Buy Ambien and you’ll have an excellent possibility to get stronger and be ready to do everything you have to do.

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What is Ambien?

Ambien is a medicine that helps people get rid of transient or chronic insomnia. It also helps those who cannot fall asleep or sleep badly. It belongs to sedative or hypnotic type of drugs. Ambien is produced in the shape of long pills that must be taken orally. It is quickly absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract that allows people not to wait for their rest too much time. Ambien should be prescribed by your doctor. Do not give the pills to someone else because you may bring people harm instead of relief.

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Possible Side Effects

There were noticed the following side effects of Ambien:

  • • Allergic reaction to its components which sings are face, lips, throat or tongue swelling, hives, breathing problems;
  • • Sleepiness
  • • Dizziness
  • • Dry mouth
  • • Tiredness
  • • Nausea
  • • Vomit
  • • Constipation
  • • Headache
  • • Coordination problems
  • • Muscle pain
  • • Stomach upset
  • • Stuffy nose

This list may be not complete. Do not ignore any unusual feelings which you have during the medication. If you notice that something is wrong, call a doctor. Let a specialist decide whether you should continue the medication or not.

How to Take Ambien?

The dose depends on several factors:

  • • Body mass
  • • Age
  • • Health state
  • • The disease that should be treated, its peculiarities and duration

The effect of Ambien lasts 7-8 hours. So if you want to take the drugs, you are to have enough sleep. If you must get up earlier, you may feel tired and dizzy. Having such symptoms you won’t be able to drive a car or do your job properly.

The dose for men and women is different. Women usually take 5mg and men from 5 to 10 mg before a sleep. It is not recommended to increase the dose on your own. You can get overdosed. The symptoms of the overdosing are drowsiness, confusion, exhaustion and even coma. If you take more than you should, call immediately the ambulance. People who live alone should be more careful because in case of intoxication it will be difficult to ask for a help.

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