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Mobile Field Shelters Design Specification

Mobile Field Shelters
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Mobile Field Shelters Design Specification


Our Mobile Field Shelters are constructed from modular steel sections that bolt together. Steel framed field shelters are far stronger and longer lasting than wooden alternatives.

The frames are constructed using our 50mm box sections and are welded on to 100 x 50mm metal skids to allow the shelters to be dragged if and when necessary.

Our field shelters either have a flush roof line or an overhang to further protect your horses from inclement weather.


Inside the frames, for our tongue & groove boarding, we weld channel sections to hold the tongue and groove boarding options. These are made to give a weather proof seal and drainage on the external faces of each shelter.

All shelter fronts have central positioned openings of either 5′ or 6′. An optional door is available for both widths and they are 8′ 6″ at the front and 8′ at the rear.

Please see our design options below and click here for pricing. We can also design a specific layout to suit a customers specifc requirement.

All our frames are skillfully welded for maximum safety, and supplied galvanized as standard to ISO 1461.

For our field shelters, we offer a choice of softwood, recycled plastic or UV resin woven bamboo. Please click here to browse.

Field Shelters

Roofing For Mobile Field Shelters

Our field shelter range comes with 0.5 mm painted steel sheeting that is available in a variety of colours.

The roof sheets are attached to steel purlins. as shown.

Roof light sheets are available to provide natural light into your stable.

Each end is finished off with a rounded corner barge board.

Field Shelter Options


The following items are available as extras:

  • Bottom Doors
  • Top Doors
  • Gates
  • Guttering

Mobile Field Shelter Planning Permission

Generally you do not need planning permission for a mobile field shelter, but local Councils differ in their approach to this so we woud recommend that you speak to them to clarify the situation regarding mobile field shelter planning permission in your area.