Standard Internal Pricing

Our stable pricing below reflects the standard design options in our 40 x 40mm box profile construction. Our new prices now include the doors for all front sections. Prices exclude V.A.T.

We offer a price matching service for any comparative product, so we believe we always offer great value in the internal stabling market. We will not necessarily be the cheapest as we believe that a stable needs to stand the test of time and therefore is built to last. We offer a 10 year guarantee on the metal framework.

We offer the following volume discounts:

3 or more panels = 2.5% discount, 7 or more panels = 5% discount, 10 or more panels = 7.5% discount and 14 or more panels = 10% discount.

 Stable prices 2019

Shipping is charged at cost. If we use our own vehicles, then the rate will depend upon whether we can combine orders in your area. Our mileage rates are as follows: – Car and Trailers Delivery – 65p per round trip mile, 7.5 ton Lorry – 95p per round trip mile and 18 ton Lorry – £1.10 per round trip mile.

Stable installation is charged and includes accommodation and subsistence where necessary.The rate varies between £35 and £45 per panel depending upon the number of panels and design choice. For more complex installations, prices may vary.

Subject to our standard terms and conditions.