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Standard Internal Stables Range

Our Standard range of internal stables offers a high quality yet affordable stabling solution for customers wanting practical and strong internal stables.

Our Standard internal stables range include:

Standard range recycled plastic

Sliding Doors – Green Plastic

Standard Range Recycled Plastic 2

Sliding Doors – Softwood

Standard Range Resin Woven Bamboo 1

Sliding Doors – UV Bamboo

Standard Range - Resin Woven Bamboo 2

Swinging Doors – Brown Plastic

Standard Range softwood 1

Swinging Doors – Softwood

Standard Range Softwood 2

Swinging Doors – UV Bamboo

Standard Design Specification


Our standard internal stables are constructed using a variety of box, channel and angle steel profiles.

Our stable panels are fully welded together to create full frames.This not only makes them stronger than stables that are bolted together, but also makes them easier to install on both level and uneven floor surfaces.

Our standard frames have top and bottom bars across the doorway. Customers who decide to rubber mat their stables prefer to have the bottom bar to fit to, but we do offer a removable bottom bar for those requiring a clear doorway.

We also offer an option to have larger independent 80mm door posts with floor fixing plates. We call this our Hybrid Range as it is a cross between our standard and premium ranges. This negates the need for a top or bottom bar across the doorway on standard fronts and allows the top bar all the way across our curved fronts to be completely removed.

Inside the fully welded frames we then weld channel sections to hold the tongue and groove boarding options. Unlike many other stable companies, we weld channel or angle sections at the top, bottom and each side to properly frame the boarding and to give maximum strength.

All our stables are supplied galvanized as standard to ISO 1461. Coloured powder coating options are available at a premium.

We offer a variety of standard panel designs which are shown below, but if you require something different, we are happy to design something specifically for you

For those designs with grilled / barred elements, we  use a strong 20mm square profile section which are spaced at a standard 80mm. 65mm and 100mm spacing is also available on request.

Our standard frame height is now 2285mm (7’ 6”). Different heights are available on request.


All fixings are provided with your stables to suit your specific requirement.

The frames are secured to walls and floors using slotted ‘L’ brackets which are provided to accommodate different wall and floor constructions. We supply thunder bolts for brick or concrete and coach bolts or screws for wood.

The first and last boards are held in to place using pan head screws which locate in pre-drilled holes.

Stable Boarding Options

For our standard range of internal stables, we offer a choice of softwood, recycled plastic or resin woven bamboo boarding.

Click here for more information on the stable boarding options.

Horse Stable Doors


Swinging Doors

Our standard swinging stable doors fit a 1220mm (4’) wide opening and are 1305mm (4’ 3”) high off the ground to match the standard mid-rail height of the stables.

We also offer lower Pony Doors with extensions to make them full size if needed.

The boarding is enclosed within the steel frames which protects the boarding from chewing or scratching. We also offer additional anti-chew plates that further protect the front face of the doors from horses grinding their teeth!

Our internal stable doors are extremely robust and are fitted with high quality hardware including a choice of shoot bolts and galvanized kick over latches.

We also offer a variety of independently hinged top doors – including anti-weave, fully grilled or fully boarded options.



Sliding Doors

Our sliding doors for internal stables use the best roller system available and offer a premium finish to any stable yard.

Our unique flip-over latches offer a simple, secure and maintenance free solution. We also offer the traditional spring loaded latches if required.

Our sliding doors come with an open top half as standard, but we offer anti-weave, fully grilled or fully boarded tops on request.

Doors are available separately with alternative fixings for customers needing them to fit existing wooden or block work stables.

Please click here for more details about our stable doors & windows


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