Internal Stables Range Overview

Stables Online has been manufacturing and installing internal stables for over 10 years, continually developing and improving our stables to offer a quality choice to our customers. We offer four main ranges of internal stables depending upon our customer’s budget and practical requirements – Standard Stables, Premium Stables, Premium Plus and Economy Stables.

Each of our stable ranges comes with its own styles of boarding, metal frames, doors etc. But with all materials being of top quality you can be sure that your internal stable will be robust and hard wearing as well as stylish, whatever your budget. We offer quotations for all four options of internal stabling to give you a cost comparison.

This website details the technical specification, design options, current pricing and a wealth of photographs to give you an idea of how your new internal stabling will look!


Standard Internal Stables Range : Overview

Our Standard range of internal stables offers a high quality yet affordable stabling solution for customers wanting a practical and strong product. Constructed using a variety of box, channel and angle steel profiles our internal stables include all fixings and are built to suit your specific requirement.

We offer a choice of softwood, recycled plastic or resin woven bamboo boarding and a range of door options.


Internal Stables - Standard internal stable range


Premium Internal Range : Overview

Our Premium internal stable range offers an elegant, stylish and unique range for customers wanting to have a truly impressive yard with an appearance fit for a king! They are constructed from heavy gauge 100mm box section posts, 50mm box intermediate sections and a variety of curved and straight profile features.

They are impressive as well as being incredibly strong.

They are available with fixed or swinging stable doors and include all fixings.

Internal Stables - Premium internal stable range


Premium Plus Internal Range : Overview

Our Premium Plus stables emulate and surpass the very best stables in the world. The traditional yet sleek designs provide the highest level of accommodation for your horses. They are constructed from a variety of heavy gauge tube, box and channel steel profiles. The main posts are made from 114mm tube sections, the swept fronts from 47mm and 23mm tuber sections and the rest of the frame from a variety of 50mm and 40mm box and channel sections.

They not only look impressive, but the stables are incredibly strong as well. For our premium plus range stables, we offer a choice of recycled plastic or UV protected resin woven bamboo boarding. They are available with fixed or swinging stable doors and include all fixings.

Internal Stables - Premium Plus internal stable range


Economy Internal Range : Overview

Our Economy internal stable range offers a practical and cost-effective solution for customers with smaller budgets looking for affordable internal stables. They are welded as full frames to ensure a strong and practical solution for installation. This means the frames can be easily removed and replaced if customers need temporary stables or flexible uses of their barns.

Our economy swinging doors are 4ft wide with a complete steel frame.

Internal Stables - Economy Premium internal stable range