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External Stable Doors

Our external stable doors are constructed using a 70mm x 70mm x 5mm angle frame that slots in the opening and secured on either side.

External stable doors can be ordered with our stables, or as replacement stable doors for your existing stables.

  • The top and bottom stable doors are then hung using weld on adjustable or fixed hinges.
  • The doors are made from a 40mm x 40mm box frame with 40mm x 40mm channel welded inside to hold the tongue and groove boards in position.
  • The top and bottom doors overlap when shut.
  • The external stable doors also have an angular weather seal strip welded on the sides and top of the frame to reduce water ingress.
  • The stable doors come complete with shoot bolts, kick over latches and tie backs.
  • Our stable doors come with a choice of recycled plastic or UV protected bamboo boarding or if required Perspex and grill top doors if required.


Please contact us for a specific quotation, or for a price for your replacement stable doors. Click the following for information on external barn doors.

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