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Custom Horse Stable Designs

StablesOnline, quality horse stable manufacturers are happy to work any customers who have a specific custom stable design requirement. Our skilled engineers will come up with a bespoke stable solution to suit your specific horse stable design layout needs for your consideration, based on years of successful stable projects. Whether you are looking for internal stables, external stables or an external barn design we can help you.


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Custom horse stable design clients

Custom horse stable design

Horse stable designs and build – Here are just a few examples of our custom stable designs from large horse stable builds to smaller projects:


Low Level Pony Stables

If you just have smaller ponies and want a more open stable design for a small horse stable…….

High Ceiling External Vet Stable

Higher Ceiling needed for drip hanging (pulley system also fitted). All with custom anti-weave grills.

Custom Swinging Side and Front Partitions

Some customer like their partitions to be swinging to allow access for mucking out by tractor or to use as storage areas for bedding, hay etc.

Custom Dividing Gate

This custom gate separates two areas of the stable yard.

Custom Barn Side Walls and Front Gates

This customer wanted us to provide all the side walling to an existing barn and also provide swinging front gates to the barn.

Arena Mirror Stands / Supports

We design an adjustable set of Arena Mirror stands to improve on the option to use just a wooden stands that tend to warp and twist.
Our sister site Arena Mirrors Plus can provide you with these stands and the mirrors if required.

Custom Foal Feeding Barns

Custom External Stable Design for multiple foals to be able to feed outside the front of the stable.
The bar of the opening can be lowered or raised to suit the size of foal / horse.
Hay can just be positioned along the front of the barn under the overhang without the need to go into the stable.

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